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Kicked to the Curb


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by Susan Klinker Lockwood, Ed.D.


"Over the course of my career as a public-school teacher and as a teacher and school administrator in juvenile justice settings, I have witnessed over and over youth who are justice involved getting kicked to the curb. Although they are usually viewed as difficult, there is more to their stories than what is seen on the surface. They have been kicked to the curb by the adults responsible for their well-being. They are kicked to the curb by a myriad of systems allowing them to become invisible. At a very basic level, this population of youth who don’t complete a high school credential become adults whose illiteracy costs taxpayers billions of dollars. More deeply, it raises moral questions about a society which allows its youth to be kicked to the curb."


"Kicked to the Curb shines a light on obstacles educators face when teaching at-risk students, particularly those who wind up incarcerated. The unintended consequence of core standards is that some are left behind. Square pegs don't fit into round holes until we lift the lid off of unjust methods of education. ~ Tony Roberts, Author of Delight in Disorder.