Hi, I'm Susan.


I am constantly learning how to best educate youth and adults of all ages and in diverse settings.

 I am the President of the Executive Board of the Correctional Education Association, a non-profit organization committed to providing its members with the tools they need to provide transformative learning experiences for their students who are incarcerated.

I have co-authored research in many peer-reviewed journals specific to education and employment and their impact on recidivism.

I have extensive experience facilitating cross-agency collaboration, once serving as Chair of the Education Outcomes Task Force which reported directly to the Governor's Commission on the Improvement of the Status of Children in Indiana.

I am constantly learning and would be delighted to share what I am learning with you.


My Passion


My passion is people. Every child is a miracle and every person has worth. Education is the true pathway out of poverty.

In my book, Kicked to the Curb, I write: 

"Our students find it difficult to trust adults, because they have been let down by adults. They don’t think about the future, because they can’t see beyond the present. They can’t see beyond the present, because they have spent so much of their lives in survival mode. Setting goals is foreign to them. Having hope is even more remote."

I am committed both to public safety and educational transformation. Educated individuals are more likely to be gainfully employed and less likely to be court-involved.

Why Nexus Point Consulting?


In both my personal and professional life, I have witnessed transformational education. I feel both a privilege and a responsibility to share what I have experienced with others.

Again from Kicked to the Curb:

  "Not long ago, my daughter sent me a video of my toddler granddaughter trying to fit differently shaped blocks into their corresponding openings in a container. She tried fitting the triangle into the square opening. She tried fitting it into the circle opening. She tried fitting it into the rectangle opening. Finally, she gave up, lifted the lid to the box, and tossed the triangle shaped block inside the container. She didn’t waste any more time trying to make it fit. She found a solution."

It may seem like an impossible task to provide transformational education while maintaining public safety, but it can be done.

I can help you lift the lid off dysfunctional systems in order to find solutions that work.