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Susan Lockwood, Ed.D.

I am an educational consultant uniquely qualified to facilitate a safe and transforming educational environment for those who are incarcerated.

* 17 years teaching in Indiana public schools. 

* 17 years teaching and providing state-level school administration for the Indiana Department of Correction. 

 * Holds professional licenses as a Teacher, Principal, Director of Exceptional Needs, and School Superintendent.  

* Taught students of all ages, including undergraduate and graduate students at the university level.  

* Supervised student teachers and mentored school administrators, along with providing oversight to university faculty and staff.

* Author of  Kicked to the Curb (coming December 4, 2018)

How Nexus Point Can Work For You

Nexus Point Consulting can provide professional  development, assist with instructional coaching and classroom observations, draft policies and procedures, and facilitate school improvement and strategic planning...particularly for those agencies providing education services to individuals who are incarcerated.


Free Initial Consultation

I offer a complimentary meeting to discuss your ideas and determine how my services will add value to your organization.


Fees are negotiable based on the type of work.  

What Nexus Point Does

Oversees school improvement.

Develops curriculum. 

Provides professional development to teachers and administrators.

Fosters collaboration among your organization's stakeholders.

Facilitates Strategic Plans.

Susan Lockwood, Ed.D.

Nexus Point Consulting, LLC

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